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Debit Cards and FraudWatch Plus

Our debit cards are protected by FraudWatch Plus. If suspicious activity is noticed on your card, Fraud Prevention Services will call to notify you. Please contact the Credit Union if you are going out of the country!!!

Fraudulent Emails and Phishing Attempts

Middlesex County Employees Federal Credit Union will NEVER ask you to reveal your personal or account information in any location other than our official website. WE WILL NOT ask you to go to any other website to confirm information.

Please note that several email phishing scams are circulating from entities that say they are CUNA (Credit Union National Association) or NCUA (National Credit Union Administration). If you receive an email from entities purporting to be either of these organizations DO NOT RESPOND!

If you suspect an email is fraudulent, please contact your credit union BEFORE you open any attachment or respond to the email.

Become A Member
To qualify for membership you must be a Middlesex County Employee, a City of New Brunswick employee, or a Corporation of Middlesex County or various Municipalities. Call us at  (732) 745-3867 or fax us at (732) 745-3705 for further eligibility.
(732) 745-3867

(732) 745-3705

Branch Address
711 Jersey Ave
New Brunswick, NJ 08901


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